21 Year Old Starts a $120,000 Monthly Pressure Washing Business

Starting a Pressure Washing Business

With its low start-up costs and huge profit potential, a pressure washing business can be a great investment for first-time entrepreneurs. Just ask Stephen Rogers—his power washing business, NW Softwash, is bringing in more than $120K each month, and it didn’t even take him 2 years to get there. Stephen was only 19 when he started NW Softwash and had limited financial resources, starting a pressure washing business with just $1,500.

Tools and Equipment

We’ll learn how he grew that into the 6-figure monthly revenue the business earns today, and how a new business owner should spend his start-up funds, from the necessary tools and equipment for pressure washing to which advertising methods give the best bang for your buck. One of Stephen’s goals with NW Softwash was to reach the point he could step back from the day-to-day operations.

Building a Team

He started building a team just a few months after opening and was fully “off the truck” by the end of his first year. We’ll get his insights on how to identify and hire reliable employees and what management techniques and business processes he used to shift to a more hands-off owner role.

Reputation and Customer Service

While a strong team is important for success, no business can grow without customers. We’ll get Stephen’s tips for building a reputation as a new power washing business and how he keeps new customers coming in (and makes sure his current customers keep coming back).