Chemical Line Up for Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

Chemicals Used for Power Washing and Soft Washing

What's going on out there, folks, my name's Ray, and in this video, I'm going to be giving you a look at my chemical lineup and all the different chemicals and detergents that I use to get the best results I possibly can. So check it out. All right. So what you see here are all of the chemicals that I have personally used since I started doing this. I'm not going to talk about any other chemicals that I have not used, because I would just be telling you what I've heard from somebody else. I'm going to give you my review on all of these chemicals that I have used and give you my opinion on them. So starting from left to right, the first one that I use is F eight Oxbridge. Right now, all this is, it's an auxiliary gas, and you can buy this in a raw form, or you can buy it in a product like this or another product, but all oxalic acid is it says on here would brightener and neutralizer, concrete, brightener, and rust remover.

Mixing Chemicals

Now you can mix this stuff up in different ratios and it says would brightener here in the neutralizer. So when you're doing woodwork, after you spray the sodium, hypochlorite on the wood you know, it'll continue to eat those fibers and break them down. If you mix a little bit of this up and spray it on afterward, it'll neutralize that bleach and stop it from damaging the wood. And you can also mix some of this up and use it as a rust remover. Now, with that being said, I have not found the same success in Russ removal, rust removal with this product as I have with the next product that I'm going to show you, which is F9 bark. Now F9 bark is a rust removal product that's advertised on here for battery acid restoration. And it'll also take battery acid all, if you can use it for getting rust off, it works great.

Rust Stain Removal

I use this on a Holiday Inn express. They had a gigantic rust stain going all the way down the building, where they had an air irrigation line and I use some of this and it just melted that Russ right off the building. So I very highly advise using some ethanol bark. It's a great product, or you can go the cheaper route and buy some oxalic acid, mix it up and try your luck with that. Now I will say I've tried some rust removal products from Home Depot that were ready-made, and they were horrible. Don't even waste your time with all that. All right. So moving on the next product is F 13 gutter grenade. This is just a product used for oxidation removal on gutters. Gutter brightening is a term that a lot of guys in the power washing industry like to use and it works great.

Gutter Cleaning Products

It worked just fine for me. I did end up going with another product for gutter brightening, but this was one of the first ones that I bought. And gutter grenade works pretty well. Be careful with it because it can take the paint off if you mix it too strong or you let it sit too long on the paint. All right, moving on is F 18 max, which is a wood stripper. So if you got, you know, some paint and sealer wood, you can use this on there and mix it up, put it on there to help strip that stuff off. You can't just use the high pressure to try to strip old stains and paint off. So you're going to need some type of stripping product, a lot of the citrus strippers work. Well, I'm really not an expert on different strippers and how to get stuff off.


Honestly, I don't even like doing woodwork. So you know, it's good to have one of those on hand. If you need it though, the other product is F 10 percarbonate. There's a big debate about whether or not they use sodium hypochlorite or to use sodium. Percarbonate when you're killing the algae and everything. When you're cleaning wood that's for a whole nother thing. I'm not getting into all that I use sodium hypochlorite and then neutralize it with exilic acid when I'm done and call it a day. The next product is eco Kim one restore. Now, this is kind of my go-to when everything else has failed, or I really don't know what to use. I'll use this one restore it's advertised on here for red clay, hard water deposits, carbon suit, rust, environmental stains, and growth metal oxide watermarks for brick block, concrete, hardscape, stone, windows, wood, EFS, some and some metals.

So this is a great product when you're really not sure what to use, and you've got to stay in that you want to get off. It's pretty much always come through for me. So big fan of one restore, huge shout out to them for having a great product. Not really sure what's all in it. I'm sure there's some acid and some other stuff in there, but moving on is some handy dandy, sodium hydroxide. You know, again, there's this big, huge debate on what's the best degrees, or is it EBC? Is it red rate or is it some other degrees or I've got some over here we'll get into in a minute, but they all have the same ingredients, but mixed with different buffers and whatnot. But sodium hydroxide works great for, if you get some restaurant work or you're cleaning some dumpster pads, you can mix this up with a, in a bucket of water and either [inaudible] dump it on and it'll just melt animal fat right away.

Sodium Hydroxide

A lot of guys also make their own degrees are using sodium hydroxide. The only thing that is very important about this is it's highly, highly dangerous. I mean, this stuff can cause some serious burns. So it was really good to always wear your gloves and goggles and use very good safety practices when you're messing with this stuff. So one big great benefit to buying them pre-made. The greasers are you're not having to fool with something that could potentially hurt you very bad. So be careful if you decide to use sodium hydroxide in the raw form, the caustic soda beads, all right, next product is agent halt by agent clean solutions. Now, this is another product where I've heard all kinds of different mixed stuff. Personally, I think it does work pretty well. And all it is is a bleach neutralizer. So agent halt, just neutralizes bleach, anything you get bleach on that you don't want the bleach to be on.

You can mix up some of this and a pump-up sprayer, or however, you want to do it. It's got all the different ratios. There's even a ratio on here for downstreaming. If you wanted to use it on a building or windows, but agent Hall's great for if you spill bleach in the bed of your truck and you know that it's all leaked down and you don't want it to rust out everything, you can make some of this up and spray it in your truck, sprayed on equipment tools, plants, windows, basically anything you don't want the bleach to cause damage to. You can use this agent halt on. I was kind of thinking like, if you actually got bleach on copper gutters, maybe you can mix this up. I'm not a hundred percent on that. So don't quote me, but maybe if you had some, some copper gutters or something, you didn't realize that after the fact, maybe you could make some of this up and save it from flashing over flax arc, flash oxidizing, but agent hall.

Window Cleaning Products

I think it's a good product. The next one is all right, look, don't, don't start judging right now. Linda, listen, Linda, listen, this is just for cleaning windows. I'm not making any mustard, gas, or getting put on the terrorist most wanted list. This is just for cleaning windows and you can see how many windows I do. It's not much at all for a traditional style. Now I've upgraded to the water-fed pole and love it. I only do exterior windows because I'm not, I really don't like brushing the squeegee squeegeeing, but this video is not about that. So moving on next product is elephants, not by graffiti solutions. Excellent product. I tried again, I don't know. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, but again, I went to, Lowe's tried out some store-bought graffiti removal stuff. It did not even touch it, ordered some of this online.

Graffiti Cleaning Solution

And it worked for nominal. Men. Instructions are in there, you apply it. It's the name really fits it. It's really a snotty type of chemical it's. It's got the, I mean, it's just like snot and you put it on there, brush it on, leave it on for a little bit. And then you just pressure wash it off. If you have hot water, it'll work even better, but this product works great for getting graffiti off of poor surfaces. They make some other ones for like metal surfaces and different stuff like that. They even got some wipes that you're already ready-made. You can just wipe the graffiti if it's a smooth surface, but the next thing is let's get into some surfactants here, dragon grip surfactant. Now, this is one of the first ones that I went with. I actually started with eliminator. Like a lot of people loved eliminator, used it for quite a while, and decided I wanted something a little bit more sticky because I was getting into doing a lot of roof clean.

Roof Cleaning

And the guys that the power watch store recommended this. So I tried it out. Dragon grip is a very, very sticky sort of fact. It is very sudsy. If you crank this up, I mean, it will literally just straight stick to the roof and it's, it's a good surfactant. Also used for doing house washing and roof cleaning. And I got no complaints. The only problem is it can get really pricey buying. Then, you know, big name it's like dragging grip. And this leads me to the next chemical here, which is we'll just stay with the surfactants for right now, but the next one is going to be good, old Apple wash. And again, the price is high on this, but one thing I love about the Apple watch is for one, it smells like apples. It smells really nice. And it's, it's a pretty sticky surfactant to I've used it for cleaning roofs with no problem.

Video Advertising

Actually, if you're a type, if you're the type of person that loves to record content, this is a great way to grab people's attention for running those Google ads are not Google ads, but Facebook ads or Instagram ads, because it really captures people's attention when they see the red a surfactant when you're using your soft wash. So I recommended it again. It's very pricey, but if you've got the money and you really want to wow, your customers and leave the house smelling good, especially if you're recording content. I suggest investing in some of this to get some good videos and pictures to raise some awareness and get some people to like your page and engage with your company. But the next one that I'm going to review here is going to be cleansed, saw a beast. See now cleanse all BC is an oxidation remover.

This is also what I switched to for doing my gutter brightening. And it works phenomenally. One thing that I really like about Clint all BC is you can also use it for when you get oxidation on siding and it does a super good job. You can mix this stuff up and downstream it on the house, apply it to the oxidized siding, let it dwell for a little bit, but not dry. And then come back and downstream and reapply. The Clint's all BC to the oxidized siding. And about nine times out of 10, you can just rinse the oxidation off rather than having to brush it. You know, a lot of guys will, we'll use one of these gutter brightening-type products, and they'll just quickly brush the siding to get the oxidation off. But what I found with Clint's all BC is I can downstream that stuff on there.


And again, put a second coat of downstream. Clint's all BC on there and the oxidation will just come off with the rent. So love that product highly recommended the one underneath it is going to be in 80. Let me see if I can move this camera here. And I'll give you a look at that one too. So in 80 is another phenomenal product. It's a new masonry detergent is what they call it. That's what NMD stands for. And there's a lot of different uses for this. The main one is that it will get the red clay stains off of the brick foundations. When you get construction, new construction will, a lot of times you get that red clay all around the base of the house. And if you mix about a quarter of that up into a pump-up sprayer, and then the rest of the way up with water, one part and in the three parts water, and you just apply that stuff to the red clay staining, let it wet the surface first, apply that at that ratio.

Let it sit for a little bit. If you want, you can go back and reapply it. But a lot of times I've found that just one application does the trick and then comes back with a little bit of pressure, maybe a white tip, a few inches away, and you can just watch that red clay come right off of there. It also works for doing getting the red mud off of driveways. And I love that stuff. If you get into doing post-construction, cleaning on big projects where they've just put in new brick, a lot of times you get the mortar all over the brick and that stuff will just eat that mortar off and it'll come right off with a little bit of pressure. So a great product I love in MDAT. You can go and buy raw chemicals. Now keep in mind, as I said before, all this stuff started with raw chemicals, there are buffers, there are all kinds of other stuff.

MSDS Sheets

That's in some of the name-brand products, but they weren't great. And the beautiful thing is you don't have to play chemist and try to mix all these harsh chemicals together in the raw form. It's already ready-made. That's why I like it. Plus I have an SDS sheet for this and it just makes me look better. When the customers see me break this stuff out, it looks good to them. And visuals are a lot of whether or not a customer wants to even do business with you. If they think you look like Chuck and Chuck truck, Joe Schmoe all low budget, looking with gain and extra empty jugs in the trailer, it just doesn't look good to me and I target high-end customers. So not being snooty about it, but that's just the way that their mentality works. They like to see nicer things and industry-specific type detergents really helped that whole thing out.

So anyway, the next one that I'm going to talk about is the degrees or that I've been using, which is, is another eco Kim product pot stain mover. Now I'm impressed with this stuff. It's worked great for any type of grease stains oil stains in the driveway. Man, I've even put a little bit of this stuff in my house, wash mix, and have found that the gutters come out pretty good. Don't get me wrong. It's nowhere near on the same level as using the gutter brightening with the Clint Sol BC or the gutter grenade, but you can use that stuff as a gutter brightener and it works pretty good too.

Tire Shine Stains

I mean, we're about through with this thing that we've got a couple more at the bottom. One is it could be a little bit of a golden nugget for some people. Some people Marty might already know this, but if you've ever come across a driveway, that's got the little half-moons all in the driveway and it's really shiny. It looks like it's been sealed in that area. What those are, are where people will put tire shine on the tires and they're on their vehicle while it was in the driveway. When the tire shine leaks down, it causes it to seal the concrete. That's why it looks clean in that area, but not the rest of the driveway. When you try to surface clean it, it stays looking like that. So if you ever want to try to get those tire shine marks, there's a little half moons out of the driveway for your customer.

You can explain to them, it's going to be a little bit of an upcharge, of course, but I found this stuff to work. It's a caulk remover. It's a citrus-based silicone latex, caulk, and foam sealant. It removes those things. So I can spray a little bit of this on there and then scrub it a little bit and then surface clean it. And I've been able to get the tire shine marks out of driveways using this. So I've been told that other citrus-based all-purpose cleaners will also work, but I know for a fact that this Google caulk remover will get rid of those tire shine marks. So that might be a little nugget for you guys. The other one is going to be when you have an oil stain when somebody's got an engine oil staying in their driveway, and they're really adamant about one to get that thing removed.

Driveway Oil Stains

One thing that I've found that helps is before you put down degrees are on the oil stain, I get some baking soda and sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the oil stain before you put the degrees are on and then pour the degrees are on and brush it in. And what I've found that does is it just like creates a paste and it just holds all that degrees are on the stain rather than running down the concrete. And when I do that before I surface to clean it with hot water, I've found that, it does a whole, a lot better for getting the oil stains out of the driveway. So anyway, that's my video for my chemical lineup. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you like the videos, please hit me with a like, and subscribe. I plan on it. Want some more videos here pretty soon about some more marketing strategies and some ways to really start generating those leads because that's what I'm all about.


I get all kinds of questions about, you know, different things. Look, the only thing that I'm interested in is highly generic and high tickets. I don't close, but maybe 40 to 50% of my jobs. I hear guys all the time. They'll say, you know, Hey, I'm closing 70%, 80%. That's amazing. I mean, I can't imagine losing that high because I get so many people that get sticker shocked immediately, and they just want nothing to do with me, but that's okay because that's the whole point in ranking high, making sure that all of the different areas are covered. So you're going to generate massive amounts of leads. That way you can let all those price shoppers in cheapskates, go find the other guy, you know, go find the God. That's good. Got that pricing. So anyway, I'm going to get out of here. Keep on hustling, keep on grinding and shining like a diamond. This is Ray. We'll check with you later. Peace.