How to Test and Install A Pressure Washer Unloader with Larry Hinckley

How to Test and Install A Pressure Washer Unloader

pressure washer unloaderGood morning. My name's Larry Hinkley. I'm the senior technical advisor for power We're going to discuss troubleshooting on loaders and methods for determining whether you have an unloader problem and what you, how you need to go about testing it and doing this. We're going to run this cold water pressure washer, monitoring the pressure gauge.

Two Different Methods of Testing an Unloader

When we determine there's an issue, we're going to test it by two different methods. One of them is to pinch off this line, the bypass line to see if it causes a needle to rise on the gauge. Another method we're going to remove this line, where it to hooks into the manifold, Install a plugin the manifold. So the water doesn't run out of the manifold. Then we're gonna start the unit again and monitor that line to see if there's any water running out of it. If there's water running out of it, then we'll know we have an unloader problem. If there is no water running out of it, then we'll move on and look for other problems. We're gonna start the machine.

Defective Unloader

When you see that water running out of the line, as that was doing, that tells you, you have a defective unloader. If the water had100-ft pressure washing hose just dripped a time or two, that would be just residual water in the line. But when you have a steady flow of water that tells you, you have a defective mind. Loader, the next thing to do is change the unloader valve, okay? To remove the unloader, you start out off by disconnecting the garden line. You turn off your water. First, disconnect your garden hose, remove your pressure hose. Be sure that all your pressures relieve from the system, then you need to remove them. So this can be unscrewed. You need to remove all the auxiliary parts, starting with the inlet and going on around until you can unscrew this assembly. And RESR the new one on.

Installing the New Unloader

We've now installed a new unloader valve and we're gonna adjust the unloader that we just installed to do that we'll need to start the engine, monitor the pressure, and start making adjustments until it comes back up to our desired pressure. And when we release the trigger, the needle goes up three to 400 PS above our operating pressure. The unloaders are now adjusted to where, when you release the trigger, the needle jumps up to three to 400 PSI above the operating pressure. So our problem is solved.

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