Insanely Filthy Driveway

Cleaning an Insanely Filthy Driveway

cleaning a dirty driveway"So, this is what we're gonna be power washing today. This driveway right here, all the way down to the bottom, you can see how dirty it is. That thing is really dirty, but all the way down there to the edge. And then we're gonna do this wall right here, going up. Yeah. Look how black the back of the wall is here or the side of it. We're gonna get this all cleaned up all the way down, So yep. All the way down to right there. So if you like satisfying pressure washing that, something really dirty is gonna turn into real clean. Make sure you want, watch this whole video."

While not the best method for cleaning this driveway the before and afters are drastic and therefore make it appealing. For m0ore information on driveway cleaning visit