Power Washing Trailer Build

Power Washing Trailer Build

All right. If you guys seen the last trailer buildup put on here, I know it's been like four years. Um, but I just recently decided that I was going to go full-time with this and start a legitimate business out of it. Um, so I went all out, spend a lot more money than I was planning on, but I built a trailer that shouldn't really limit me on any opportunities that come my way. So this is a six-and-a-half-foot wide by 16-foot long tandem-axle it's got brakes on the rear axle. Uh, there are 3,500-pound axles, so should be more than enough. Uh, but most guys usually go with a 12 or 14 foot long. I went ahead with the 16, uh, because the price difference was only like a hundred dollars, but it gives me a good bit more room for storage.

The Rig Setup

The front up here with this toolbox, I just got this from Lowe's. Um, so this is where I can put gallon jugs of chemicals and soaps or,Honda GX270 Power Washer Power Washer um, hoses or lawns, anything that I want to lock up so that people don't walk off with my stuff. Um, that was about $300 from Lowe's. Um, this is my newest toy. This is a Honda GX200 with an electric start and a comment P 40 soft wash pump. Um, so when it comes to soft wash pumps, these are the newest ones that are out. Uh, they put out 11 gallons a minute at 300 PSI. So they put out some serious volume. Uh, they're a little hard to come by too, just because everybody's wanting them right now. They range from $1,800 to $2,500. So I actually went to a place in Georgia, which is four hours from me.

Parts and Supplies

I'm up above Charlotte. Uh, so I drove down there two days in a row to a place called North Georgia airless because they had everything in stock that I needed. Um, as far as any pressure Washington company I've ever been to, they by far have the best selection and, and knowledge. Um, there's a guy on YouTube that a watch named Leon who has Southern-style pressure washing, and he knows his stuff. Uh, I've heard a thousand people's opinions, but that man makes big money, knows what he's talking about. And these are all he uses. He's got several of them on his trailer. Uh, but everything on here is brand new. I haven't even used it yet. I just got everything put together. It took me a week to finally build all this like a wanted by myself. And I'm just now pressure testing and everything to make sure there's no leak. So this is a remote ball valve and metering system that I bought. Um, so both of these boards came from Midwest washing equipment and basically

Proportioner Valves

Is water soap and bleach. And this allows me to change these dials, to adjust the strength of the mix that I'm spreading out of my gun, depending on what I'm washing. Um, so all these lines are three-quarter inch coming in, and then it's a one-inch line that goes out that goes to the pump.

Soft Wash Pumps

Gas pumps have a bypass line because when you're off to the trigger and you're not squeezing it, the pump will just sit there and heat up with that water that's in there. Is it spinning? So it bypasses it and it takes it out this half-inch line right here, which comes back here and runs around 25 feet of the line right here and then goes back into the proportioner and back out. So it's basically just cycling it on a big circle to keep it cool so that the pump doesn't overheat,

Remote Systems

Isn't necessarily essential, but I went ahead and bought it because I wanted to get all the spending over with, um, this makes it a super nice, uh, kind of remote system. So when I want to spray bleach and soap with my, my, uh, my spray, I shut the button, turn it on that strobe light tells you that you're spraying the chemical. So I could be spraying the house down around the back of the house and be done with spraying the chemical and ready to start rinsing, just pull this out, cut it off. And now it switches it back to water only. So there's a water line that comes in. And so now it's just double feeding the pump with water, which rinses out the bleach that's in these, this valve here, which so that's not just sitting in there, but it allows me to apply soap and chemical and then rents with the same gun and not even have to pull out another hose and not even have to walk back to the truck.

So it makes it super nice. Um, I just made this frame. So this is just 90-degree aluminum that I bought from Lowe's about two, six-foot, uh, sticks of it and cuts it 30 inches wide and 32 inches tall, uh, and then just bolted it together and drilled it all out to reach. And it's bolted to the frame of the trailer right here on either side. And I put these spacers in here, these washers to make it stand up straight, and then it's just bolted into the floor right here on both sides. It's not moving. I mean, it stays solid even when you're driving, but this is really nice. These two together are about $1,800. It's not cheap. Um, but, and these valves have to flow measuring vows if you're running these gas pumps because they put out 11 gallons a minute. So you can't get that much through those little valves that a lot of these guys make proportions out of.

Other Equipment

So Midwest Washington, equipment's the only place I know of. That's really got their stuff together. When it comes to these metering systems for the gas roof pumps, uh, this is a 55-gallon tank. This is just from my bleach. Um, that's all it goes in there. It's a 16-gallon surfactant tank. So my soap will go in there. Uh, that tank behind it is a 50-gallon mix tank that I run to my 12-volt system. So just if I want to mix anything different up together, I can mix it just in that tank and run it through a 12 volt, um, Mount on my battery box here, I've got a deep cycle Marine battery in here that cranks, this powers, this and powers my soft wash or my 12-volt, uh, pump back there. Uh, this is a 325-gallon water tank. Uh, these bands right here, you can get them with or without I got them with it because when you're dealing with that much weight, I didn't want it moving around at all. But those straps, those bands are expensive. They're like $175 just for those. Uh, but I'm out of this little toolbox right here. I got it from Walmart for like $25. And I can put all my little different fittings up here in this top part,

Soft Wash Setup

It's got a 12-volt pump hidden inside of it, that mounted, I drilled holes through it. So this pump is in here as a backup if I need it.Northstar 12-volt pump Um, if I want to spray chemical out of that mixed tank and just open that valve up, shut this one. And then when I'm done, I want to rinse the pump-out or just spray water out of it. Just shut that one and open this one back up. And that just comes out of the box right there to a garden hose fitting. So I just hook a hose up to that, to rinse this pump out. And that's a five and a half gallon, a minute, uh, soft wash pump from Northern tool. And there's a lot of companies out there that make them. And I'll tell you the reason why I bought these from Northern tool is that it doesn't matter what happens to it.

Materials Matter

If it goes out within two years, they replace it absolutely free. And these things go out fairly often because of the bleach. So if you get them from, they just replace them. No questions asked if it's been within two years, these hose reels are all 18-inch wide tighten, uh, stainless steel internals, uh, fully, uh, uh, aluminum. There's nothing on here that will corrode, um, which was important because of the Kemp. The bleach is highly corrosive. So this is the real, it goes to that gas roof pump, that comment pump up there. This is 300 feet of half-inch line, um, which is, is more than enough. This one here is a 200-foot of half-inch line. And that runs to the soft wash pump that's in here. Uh, this ramp on the back of the trailer and about the takeoff is I don't need it.


This is a 200-foot of Flexzilla garden hose. It's really flexible and easy to deal with. Um, so that makes it nice. But, uh, that's my 200 foot of high-pressure hose for the pressure washer. I've got another couple hundred feet of hose that I'll just keep in that toolbox up there on some of my water hose. I hooked up to the house and then it feeds water. It comes in through this hose up here and into the tank. Um, so this is my big buffer tank for everything. Uh, I'll show you up here on these tanks. Every single one of them ran my hoses to a ball valve, and then they go down PVC lines that go down into the bottom and those are slotted PVC strainers. So it's basically a stick of PVC. That's got all these little cuts in it that they make with a laser. If you seem to have a low pressure, check and test your unloader.


Um, and that strains everything through there. So no trash gets into any of my check valves or meters metering valves or anything like that. So, um, a lot of people say they can make those things themselves with a band saw, but I would not try it. They cut that with the laser. If you get any little piece of that plastic that you don't get out of there, and he gets sucked up in your, your, uh, your valves, they're going to lock up and they're not expensive anyway. I mean, I think they're like 20 bucks a piece for those things. So all these are three-quarter-inch lines run into a bulkhead and straight down the PVC pipe to the bottom. Uh, that's a three quarter inch line from my, my hose reel that feeds it. This one here is my bypass line for the pressure washer.


So same thing like that, other gas roof pump when you're not squeezing the trigger and the motors running, it cycles the water back into the tank. So that way it's keeping the pump cool with fresh water. Uh, this is that 50-gallon mix tank that I'll feed that little 12 wash or 12-volt pump with as an eight gallon, a minute 3,500 PSI Honda GX six 90. Um, when I got this, there was the biggest ones that they were really making. Now they make gallons a minute, which is more than enough. I mean, you shouldn't run a 32-inch surface cleaner off this if you wanted. Uh, but that's a six-gallon fuel tank. That's just what came with it. I'm actually going to get a, uh, a 12, a gallon fuel cell that'll Mount right there. Get rid of that plastic one. Uh, so that's pretty much it. Um, I haven't even used it, like I said, everything's brand new or want to go ahead and make this look nice and pretty, but I'm hoping 2021 is going to be a good year and I'll make a bunch of money. But, uh, this is my new setup. I got about 18 grand and all this I'd say, including the trailer, and everything is on it.

Hoping it'll all work out like a plane.