Roof Washing with Powerful Improvements

Roof Wash

Morning, Joe Derry, powerful improvements. Putnam, Connecticut. I'm out here. We want a little bit of chemical transfer. I got another four 55 gallon drums delivered to my home yesterday. So I'm pretty excited about that. And my friend, Dave Weatherford got me that

Metal spanner wrench, open these things up. Perfect for me. And I was a fat boy doing our transfer to our banjo system to take jug in the bed. So I'm getting loaded up. I got an interesting project this morning. I'm doing roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and house cleaning. And then I've got another one in the afternoon. That's again, gutter cleaning, house cleaning, and then a deck cleaner. So it has been an interesting little Friday afternoon for me out by myself with Ruby. And we'll catch you guys on the job interview.

Planning and Method to Cleaning a Roof

Okay. I'm set up on the first job of the day then out here, about 10 or 15 minutes. Got my plan in place. I'm parked in the driveway here. So I'm able to pull straight up the driveway through that little fence and pulled out to the tree there and doubled backs. I've got a nice loop and he's ready to go. And I'm going to start working on the gutters. I'm doing the roof, cleaning, garter, cleaning, and house cleaning. So is the trifecta is a nice way to do it. So we're going to start from the top-down first. I want to make sure the drains are clear and we're going to wash the roof that was applied to the roof. I'm not rinsing today. And then we're going to wash the house. All right. We're out here on the backside of this nice little Cape and we put this wooden decking and it goes down and it's got some age on it.

I would guess it's more than 10 years old. They've been here at least 10 years and they see the house and they've been washedHouse roof cleaning this. The stuff's nice and dry and silver. And I know that when I wash the roof, I'm going to start my roof wash right there on the other side of the fence, shoot the peaks. So I'm going to wash the back of the house first, because I know I'm going to get over-spray on this deck. And if that roof mix is the first thing to hit this, it's going to all burn it and I'll have to, you know, remedy, dive hot wash the whole thing. So my thoughts are in that Washington is going to be diluted and wet, and then I'm going to immediately go over there and shoot that roof work my way around to this side of the house and then pick up my soft wash from here again and work my way around. So this will get wet twice pretty quickly. And I shouldn't cause me any issues. All right. I got the sand, all soap, kind of leave it right there. Coming back here in a minute, I'm going to go around and shoot the roof. On the other side. A little bit of eliminator. Really thin, thin soap through my proportioner

SH Application

Okay. So I just finished up that room. I did this little portrait on set up on the third roof and then one more placement. So for later placements, I'll have everything on there. And I've been here one hour. So far. I got here at nine, 15 cruising, right along slightly ahead of schedule. Now I shot those other two sunny roofs over there with like three and a half percent. Now, this is the darker side. So I'm going to turn it up just a little bit.

This has been working out really cool for me. So I'm going to go up to about four and a half on this side, a little bit more of a hit that's one direction I've been saving chemical in right there is being able to dial in my roof a little bit more accurately. Cause normally do not know what I'm getting. I would've come here with 5%. I want to come here with like 40 or 50 gallons of 5% and had a much stronger mix than I needed on the sunny roofs. But anyway, let's get it done. Switch up to the fan when I get down low for one. So I don't splash myself with the big spray.

Soft Wash Pumps

Northstar 7-volt pumpAll right. We got the last room to shoot right here and I'm pulled all the way to here. And then when I'm done, I got nice loops going right up the driveway, a real that hose up. Get it out of the way and start my house wash in the back. This is the seven-gallon per minute Fatboy pump in a box, all plumbed with half-inch. Can't say it performs any better than anything else I've used, but I like it works for every application I've had so far compared to the gen two. I don't know. I think it's about the same. I really don't think it's putting on seven gallons per minute. And that may very well.

It'll be because of all the half-inch that I'm running. So I know a lot of people run five eights with a setup, which we may do someday, but right now we have all half-inch hoses from the gen two. So we've got that swapped into the fabric

Blending Soft Wash Setup

Switching fan. Okay. So didn't really cause any issues back here except for on this railway. So I'm going to try to even it out. I mean,Roof King DCMS Soft Wash system this deck is very aged and I'm sure it's, it's a non-issue but I'm going to try to blend it a little bit. I got to switch back over to the house mix now. So I'm going to the house next to that very well and let it sit while I wash the rest of the house and then I'll come back and check it before we go and see the transitions at all. Yeah, it blended a little bit.

Imagine it may continue to blend. So I'm just gonna leave that be all done. Okay. You guys welcome that here. So we're going to do pull this thing out. It's covered with moss. Mostly it's like carpeted rubber back and I'm going to throw it out here. I want to go get the turbo nozzle. This site is a little more worn. I didn't shred that where the traction side is step side. So that's, what's getting all the, all the wear and tear. And that was all protected with the Moss, which is all been removed and it's much, much better. It took me. How long did that take? Two minutes. Three minutes.

Cleaning Up

Yeah, we are all wrapped up ladders on a project done for the next one. It is 25 past 11. So that was about a two-hour, 10-minute job. We use the bow 20 of shock on the whole project. I'm estimating about 15 gallons was for the roof and four or five gallons for the house. Cause I did have it off a little hotter setting to get started in the back. And then my soap tank has been kind of going down and filling up and going down and filling up. And I think I'm having a check valve problem. It's back-filling some, for some reason, I'm not sure which process is happening to me, whether it's when I'm downstreaming or when I'm 12 volts, but it's it seems to be backing up a little bit. So anyway, onto the next one, here we are at the second project, we've got this lace little raised ranch, two-car garage underneath on the end. That looks like a dirty end. I'm doing gutters. I can walk. This can be real easy up on the roof of the floor. And then we'll do my house wash and refresh that back on the front and the back of my truck in here. So my hose are facing the house and I'm going to figure out how I want to pull easily and get around here.

Washing and Hose Placement

Okay. My water access, little inconvenient. So I guess I'm going to pull up through here and then I'm going to pull a wash hose all the way across the front, through the garden gate this way, start my wash here. So they're trying to pull my wash up through here too. So there's gardens in here and whatnot, easiest thing to do. So they're going to scratch my water hose. Okay. That worked out just right with the hose. I think I'm actually going to back the truck up a foot or two. Once I get my power wash line pulled out just to take a little bit of tension off that, but I'm hooked up over the wall. Now I'm going to pull power wash hose all the way out to the edge of the woods there. Then I'm going to come back and grab another loop and pull it over there too. And then I should have the pull, maybe another half a loop and that'll give you the end and then all the way across the back so I can start off there. So that'd be the easiest thing for you to do is then pull my Slack through there. I'll be up in the back. Hey, I got one leg pull to the woods. So come back, grab another hoop instead of the outside of this whole. So it doesn't overlap.

Protecting the Landscape when washing

Try to be careful through this new landscaping a little bit. See, I got my gun guns up there by the gate. No, the whole like bulky truck. I grabbed that route there in the middle of, out up here and I'll be able to pull everything up and easy right through to here. My Slack will just naturally pull right up through there. I want to come back kind of the same thing with these back out. When I go to reel it up, be nice music. So anyway, I got to get up on the roof first. Now at that stage going up there with the weak, lower, low, these gutters out, and then we're going to watch this way back to the frog. On the last side, we'll be here by the truck. Just hit my switch for salt, 10 seconds. I'm going to let this go out for a little while. I hope my water started barking off the rig. There we go. There's a little salt-making diesel as well. Time wraps up easy and call it a day. [inaudible] I got it all wrapped up just to what I need to finish up here. And in the time that it took me everything organic is going away. So one nice rinse roll up and I can roll out.

You soak that time, maybe half a gallon to wash the house. So dry soap this time, I don't know the soap industry yet. And we use the bow 28 gallons of shock on day. I say, I probably use all of six here and 22 or so my first property and our point for the proportion and working out for me. So I'm out, I'm taking the weekend off, will enjoy Saturday and Sunday at home and we'll be back to work on Monday. You guys enjoy the weekend.